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I want to tell you about an AMAZING organisation, An-Naseeha Foundation who are embarking on setting up a model Islamic centre in the English town of Huddersfield, dedicated to serve Allah (swt).
The completed Centre will provide a range of activities for the community including structured Islamic Classes, Classes For New Muslims, Open Days Exhibitions aimed at non-Muslims, Youth Clubs, activities for women and much much more
However, they URGENTLY need to raise funds to complete the purchase of a building - if they cannot do this the building will be lost.
I want to raise just £10,000 to help them and need your support to make this happen. All I need are 100 of you special people to donate £100 each to meet this target.
The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said; “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.”

This means - insha’Allah you will share in the reward of potentially thousands praying salah and reciting the Qur’an every single day.
Brothers and sisters please DONATE today!
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